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canisource grand cru

Looking for nutritious, healthy and delicious recipes to feed your dog? CaniSource Grand Cru uses a unique low temperature dehydration process to ensure your dog will enjoy all the benefits of raw food with the convenience of a dry kibble!

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Preserving nutrients

This process helps to preserve the vast majority of nutrients and the full flavour of all the natural ingredients.

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zero contamination

Because of the low temperature dehydration process, there are only trace amounts of humidity in the food. This helps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that can cause infections, food poisoning and digestive disorders.

balanced formulas

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Each recipe has been developed by a canine nutritionist in order to provide your dog with the nutrients needed to help maintain excellent health. Your pets diet must have a balance of proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, calcium and even phosphorus. Grand Cru recipes meet all the nutrient requirements established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. 

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All of the ingredients are approved for human consumption. All of the meat is caarefully selected and processed in HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) certified plants. You will find a lot number on all of the packaging to ensure each package is easy to trace. 

controlled ingredients


The benefits of feeding Grand Cru are endless. Within a few weeks of transitioning your pet to this food, you should begin to see a positive change in their over all health. 

No more allergies

disappearance of tartar

improvement of joint mobility

a softer and shinier coat

no more burned grass because of dog's urine

improved digestion

Shop for Grand cru at these locations

Bark & Fitz Mississauga
5665 Mclaughlin Road., Mississauga, ON.

(905) 238.0311

Bark & Fitz Gormley
5 Gormley Industrial Ave., Gormley, ON. 

(905) 888.4666

Bark & Fitz Barrie
106 Saunders Rd., Barrie, ON.

(705) 792.9635

Bark & Fitz Whitby
507 Brock St., N., Whitby, ON.

(905) 665.8889

Bark & Fitz Oakville North
2501 Prince Michael Dr., Burlington, ON

(905) 257.4700

Bark & Fitz Oakville South
146 Lakeshore Rd., W., Oakville, ON.

(905) 842.2756

Bark & Fitz Burlington East
2500 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON.

(905) 335.7036

Bark & Fitz Burlington Queensway

2290 Queensway Dr., Burlington, ON.

(905) 333.5858

Bark & Fitz Collingwood

3815 County Rd. 124, Nottawa, ON.

(705) 445.7344

Bark & Fitz Sackville
477 Cobequid Rd., Unit 10, Lower Sackville, NS.

(902) 864.9303

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