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Save on Open Farm until November 30th!

Find exclusive savings on Open Farm's Tetra Pak Stews when you buy any bag of kibble or freeze dried until November 30th, 2019!

Open Farm recipes are made from wholesome ingredients, sourced from high welfare family farms that are antibiotic and growth hormone free. All fruits and veggies are exclusively non-GMO. Each bag of Open Farm has no artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers and with a wide variety of recipes, you can find a solution for almost all of your pet's dietary sensitivities.


Animal welfare and environmental sustainability is top of mind for Open Farm. They are partnered with Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership to ensure the humane treatment of animals raised for food production. Open Farm only uses the highest quality of seafood, while staying true to their commitment to support the health of our oceans. They protect our oceans by catch-of-the-seasons style fishing, which selects fish based on seasonal abundance and availability. By using fishing practices that minimize bycatch, they are able to help protect the marine environment and ocean floors. They are also proudly partnered with Ocean Wise.

You can feel comfortable feeding your pet Open Farm by tracing the origin of every ingredient by using the lot code on the back of every bag. 


Available at select Bark & Fitz locations. Get your coupon below!

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