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5 Great Reasons To Keep Your Pooch Leashed

Fenced backyards and dog parks are great spots to let your pooch stretch his legs leash-free, but when you’re in town you should always keep your pet on leash, here are 5 great reasons why:

Safety: Even the best-behaved dog may suddenly run out into the street and onto the path of an oncoming car which can be devastating for all involved, this also applies to parking lots and other areas where there may be cars.

Controlled Greetings: When you’re out and about it’s much easier to gather up your pooch if there is even a hint of animosity from dogs you meet on your walks.

Eliminates Snacking: We’ve all been there; our dog has his nose to the ground and suddenly they’re munching away on something they found on the ground that we don’t want them to eat. Your leash will help prevent that from happening and if it does, you’ll be able to reel them in to extract the snack!

Prevents the spread of disease: Many pooches love to snack on other dog’s droppings, not only is this unappetizing but it also carries risks of diseases that they carry.

It’s the law! Save your off-leash training for appropriate areas and leash up everywhere else!

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