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Adventuring with your Furriends

You’re not the only one that enjoys the warmer months of the year. Your pets often get just as excited to be running around outdoors, too! There are a few things a pet owner should to keep

in mind when out and about with your four legged friends.

Hikes and Camping

Just like you, your pets need to stay hydrated and cool on long spring and summer walks. Be sure

to pack lots of water and a pet friendly container for Fido to drink out of. Also, if your dog does not have the greatest recall skills or being off-leash is prohibited, consider an extra-long leash. This way your dog can still explore freely, but you won’t have to worry about losing them or getting in trouble. A handful of brands offer dehydrated and freeze dried food that are great for saving space when travelling; simply add water and it turns into a full sized meal for Fido. You can even get some of these foods in convenient to-go cups! If you’re planning to be away for a couple of days think about pre-portioning and labeling their kibble so it’s easy to keep track of when your pet

has eaten.


If Fido makes frequent appearances at your hangouts with friends and doesn’t mind small crowds, you should definitely consider bringing him or her along to your next patio hangout. Just as you enjoy a cool drink on a warm day, so will your dog. Always have water and a pet friendly container if you anticipate being away from home for an extended amount of time. Even a short amount of time on a hot day without water can be dangerous for both you and your pet. If you are worried your dog might get bored or restless, think about bringing a small chew or bone for them to knaw on to keep them occupied. Keeping your pets safety and well-being in mind you can keep them involved in all your favourite activities so they can enjoy the great weather too!

Lake Side Visits

Many animals love everything that a cabin by the lake has to offer and love to explore, swim and

lay out on the dock. If you let your dog roam freely, make sure your pet has a collar and the proper

identification tags in case they wander too far. It is always best to keep a watchful eye on Fido and practice recall training to help eliminate stress for you and your dog. One more thing to consider is the type of collar your pet is wearing. A collar that is easy to slip out of is important in case they were to get stuck on something. Be mindful of open bodies of water; not all dogs are good swimmers which can make lakes and boat rides become dangerous. There are many lifejackets designed for your K9 to help keep them afloat if they were ever to accidentally go for a swim.

If you are visiting a friend’s place think about bringing a crate for Fido to sleep in. This is polite

for you to do and also gives your dog somewhere they can feel safe in a new space.

Agility Class

It’s time to get outside and stay active. Consider signing you and your pup up for agility classes! This is most ideal for fit, obedient dogs with a lot of energy. Along with it being physically

demanding, it also challenges your dog’s mental abilities too, which is important for their

overall well-being. Talk about fun in the sun!

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