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Aging Gracefully!

Is your pooch starting to get a little long in the canines?

Help Fido maintain the pep in his steps with some of Bark & Fitz’s tips for aging gracefully!

Regular stretching helps keep your senior pet feeling limber! It can also help to improve circulation and enhance mobility. Try some of these stretches at home with your pet!

Sit and Stand – Have your pet sit, then rise to a stand, then back down into a sit again. This up-and-down exercise helps improve range of motion in the hips and knees

The Play Bow – Encourage Fido to bring his chest low to the ground and stretch his front legs in front of him. This stretches the back and groin areas and is especially helpful after exercise

Plus! Try senior-proofing your home to help prevent potential injuries to your older pet with some simple swaps. Rubber-backed rugs and runners help your older pet get a grip on slippery falls, reducing the risk of a fall. Try adding a ramp up to your couch, bed or even into your car to keep Fido from having to jump up.

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