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Awesome Adventures: Tips & toys for a fun summer

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It’s time to get outside! Here are some of the perks of top places to go with your dog on a sunny summer day.

The Beach The dog friendly beach is a great place to play in the summer. Not only is it fun to run up and down the shoreline, play games, and take a dip in the water – it is great exercise! Walking on sand encourages your dog to pick up their legs more than on a solid surface, strengthening muscles that your dog might not use very often. Swimming will also activate infrequently used muscles, giving your dog a full body workout while keeping them cool and refreshed.

Hiking Trail

Give your dog a change of scenery from their usual neighbourhood walk! Take a drive to a nearby hiking trail this summer to spice up their walk time routine. Your dog will love the new sights and smells, and their joints will appreciate the terrain. Dirt trails are much kinder to a dog’s joints than cement or concrete sidewalks, and often have small hills to climb and tree roots to step over. This will engage muscles in their legs that your dog wouldn’t typically use on a regular walk around the block. Hiking trails are usually a few kilometers long and can help your dog build endurance. Be sure to not overdo it the first time on the trails and watch for signs that your dog is getting tired. Building endurance takes time!

Off Leash Zone Free at last! A trip to the dog park allows your dog to roam freely and burn off some energy.

It is the perfect place for your dog to maintain their social skills by interacting and playing with other dogs. The people at the dog park are a plus, too. While they aren’t all necessarily dog owners, they are certainly all dog lovers, giving you the opportunity to meet fellow dog lovers

in your community!

Although the dog park seems like a great place to throw around a ball, it can trigger guarding behaviour in other dogs. Pack lots of water and poop bags but leave your toys at home. Dogs will benefit most from the dog park when they and the other dogs there are well socialized, well behaved, spayed/neutered, and have good recall training.

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