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Bark To School!

It’s never too late to teach an old (or young!) dog some new tricks! Check out Bark & Fitz’s favourite fun and easy tricks to get ready for Bark to School season!


STEP 1: Once Fido has mastered their sit and lie down commands, they are ready to learn how to roll over.

STEP 2: Have your dog lay down with their belly on the ground, paws resting in front and their head facing up.

STEP 3: Hold a treat close to Fido’s nose so they can smell and see it. Start to move your hand so they follow the treat’s direction.

STEP 4: Move the treat so your dog has to roll onto their side to follow its movement and keep rotating it so they will have to roll over to keep the treat in their sight. Once Fido rolls over, reward him with the treat and extra praise!

TIP: You may need to gradually work up to rolling all the way over. Start with your dog rolling onto their side and build from there. Practice makes perfect!

Try incorporating a clicker tool into your training routine! Using a clicker tool to clearly mark and reward Fido’s positive behaviour can help you communicate more effectively with your dog.


STEP 1: To start learning how to shake a paw, your dog must know their sit and stay commands.

STEP 2: Once you dog is in place, hold a treat in your closed hand in front of you and wait until Fido sniffs or paws at it. Reward them and repeat.

STEP 3: With enough practice, your dog will begin to paw at your hand every time and you can start to turn the action into a paw shake. Add the cue “Shake” to your hand gesture.

TIP: Once Fido has the hang of the trick, only reward him when he leans to keep his paw in your hand without pawing. This will help to reinforce the ‘shake’ movement

Need a little extra motivation? Check out our wide selection of training treats to help you teach a trick to your pup!


STEP 1: First master the “High Five.” Hold a treat in your fist up higher than “Shake a Paw” and reward when your dog paws at your fist.

STEP 2:Practice, practice, practice! Once your dog gets the hang of this trick, you can add the cue “High Five” combined with the gesture of you placing your palm towards them. Then you can move on to “Wave”.

STEP 3:Ask Fido for a High Five but keep your hand out of your dog’s reach. Reward when your dog paws at the air.

STEP 4:Then practice, practice, practice! Once your dog gets the hang of this trick you can add the cue “Wave” combined with the gesture of you waving your hand. Fido will be ready to say hello to everyone in no time!

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