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Beat The Heat

Soaking up the sun can be tempting, especially after a long, cold winter! These summer tips

will help your pet enjoy the weather just as much as you do.

Keep Them Hydrated

Take playtime breaks often and always have plenty of water with you – even on short walks.

Protect Their Paws

Asphalt, cement and sand can get extremely hot in the summer and can burn unprotected paws.

If you will be going somewhere that your dog will be walking on these surfaces for any amount

of time, bring booties to help keep your K9’s toes from getting too toasty.

Have a Cool Zone On hot summer days, it is nice for your dog to to get a break from the heat. A baby pool with cool water is a great spot for your dog to lie down and cool off. Or, mix a broth of your choice with some water and treats and freeze it overnight for a tasty snack.

Pick Smart Playtimes

Try to keep your pets inside when the sun is at its highest points during the day. It’s better to play and get out for walks during the cooler parts of the day, like at dusk, dawn and the evenings. Don’t forget your high visibility gear!

Bring Your Pet Inside Never leave your pet unattended in a car! If you are bringing your pet along with you, be mindful of where you’re going. Not all stores allow dogs inside, but pets are always welcome at

Bark & Fitz stores!

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