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Beat The Heat!

Phew, it’s hot out there! It is important to keep your pets cool to help avoid overheating or potentially developing heat stroke. Learn more about our tips and tricks to help your furry friend beat the heat!

Best times to take a walk in the summer include the early morning or later in the evening as the temperature tends to be cooler. If it is especially hot and humid, you may need to limit your time spent outside.

Eating frozen or chilled treats can help your pet cool down! Try freezing pet safe snacks such as blueberries, strawberries or watermelon for a hydrating snack.

Always check the temperature of the pavement before starting your walk. If it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws!

Try and keep your house as cool as possibly! If you do not have air conditioning, open your windows and leave a fan on. A cooling mat is a great resource to ensure that Fido can always cool himself down.

Take a dip! Splashing around in a doggie pool is a great way to cool your pet down if you don’t live near a lake or beach.

Hydration is key! Make sure to bring extra water along whenever you and Fido leave the house.

Enjoy the shade! Direct sun can quickly cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If there isn’t a shady spot for your dog to cool down in, leave Fido at home

Hair today, gone tomorrow! A short summer haircut can be a great way to help Fido beat the heat.

REMEMBER: If your dog is double-coated, their thick coat is actually helping to regulate their temperature. Try giving them a good brush to help remove any loose hair.

Encourage your pet to drink by adding a frozen treat to their water. Try freezing bone broth for an irresistible taste!

Always be mindful of your dog’s individual needs. Snub-nosed dogs such as pugs or bulldogs are often more affected by the heat than other breeds. Older or overweight dogs or those with other health challenges may be more at risk for developing heatstroke.

Take your dog into the store with you or leave them at home. NEVER leave your pet alone in a parked car! REMEMBER: pets are always welcome inside Bark & Fitz!

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