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Beat The Heat!

Check out our top tips to help Fido stay cool this summer!

1. Provide your pet plenty of fresh water.

2. Take walks in the early morning or evening. Add in a cooling vest or bandana to beat the heat.

3. Avoid hot pavement like asphalt – if you have no alternative try protecting your pooch’s paws with some boots.

4. Stay home on super hot days – worried about your pet being bored? Try exercising their brain using a pet puzzle for enrichment.

5. Offer Fido some pet friendly cool treats on hot days.

Keep cool with the Shedrow K9 Dog Cooling Mat!

Did you know: Animals with flat faces like Pugs or Persians are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively.

Check out your local Bark & Fitz for everything you need to keep cool this summer!

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