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Beat Winter Boredom

Lily is enjoying a Northern Biscuit Bark Dental Chew!

As the weather turns colder, you and your dog will likely spend less and less time outdoors.

Taking shorter walks and less frequent trips to the dog park is enough to trigger cabin fever in many dogs. This can present itself as either stress or boredom in your dog and can lead to symptoms

of depression. Some dogs try to create their own entertainment by causing trouble!

Do your best to keep your dog entertained with as much exercise as possible to help combat cabin

fever. Take advantage of “less-cold” days by getting outside and playing fetch. Don’t forget to dress them appropriately for the temperature and activity level!

Keep interactive and independent toys on hand for days where outdoor adventuring simply isn’t

an option. Playing games like hide and seek, tug of war, or filling a brain teaser toy with treats

are all great ways to keep your dog happy inside. Have a variety of toys for your dog to rotate through and keep playtime fresh and exciting.

If your home is too small for indoor play, look for an indoor play group or dog park in your community. If your dog has a good training foundation, enrolling in agility classes is another way your dog can run off the sillies! These high-energy classes are often held indoors and are fun for both pets and their owners.

Chews are another awesome outlet for dogs that will help redirect their boredom. Chewing

is a natural behaviour that stimulates your dog both mentally and physically. Depending on

the chew you give your dog, it may also offer periodontal health or other health benefits.

Bark & Fitz has a wide selection of toys, chews and more to help your pup beat boredom

this winter. Visit your local store to shop the full collection!

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