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Canine Chic!

Dogs have been our faithful companions for centuries and we have shown our love and appreciation for them through fashion. Travel through time to see how doggie style has evolved!

Ancient Egypt

Decorative leather debossed dog collars were found in tombs dating back to 1440BC

The Renaissance

Dogs were constantly by their master’s side, even through warfare. These canine heroes were given silver, gold, silk or velvet collars, representing how many battles the dog had seen.

Early 1900’s

Doggie fashion and accessories became more popular. Fringe, fur and bells were trendy accents to everyday items.

1950’s & 1960’s

Doggy glamour meets runway trends as patterns for coats and collars became part of everyday fashion.


Top dog influencers strut their stuff on social media, sporting everything from glasses, socks, hair styles, clothing and more!

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