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Cat Proofing Your Home

Cats are curious creatures! Your new cat will want to explore every nook and cranny of your home. In order for it to be safe for your cat to go exploring, you’ll need to ensure potential hazards have been removed first. Here is a list of common hazards you’ll need to remove to cat proof your home:

Eliminate Poisonous Plants and Substances

Numerous indoor houseplants are poisonous if ingested by your cat. Check your home to ensure the plants you have are safe for cats, and either dispose or relocate the ones that are not. Even if a plant is safe for cats to eat, if you’ll be unhappy when it is chewed on it is best to move the plant to somewhere your cat cannot access it. Medicine and cleaning supplies should also be inaccessible.

Watch for Sharp Edges

If your cat loses a toy under the stove or fridge, they may reach underneath it to try retrieve their toy. The edges of stoves and other metal appliances may have a sharp edge that your cat could injure itself on. It’s a good idea to block off these appliances so toys cannot slip underneath, or to soften the edges with foam.

Conceal Wires and Cords

Tangles of wires behind the television or computer should be concealed or made inaccessible to your cat. Phone chargers, lamp plugs, and other cables should also be concealed or left unplugged if your cat will have access to them unattended. Cords from blinds are also tempting for your cat to play with. Your cat may strangle themselves in the cord or pull the blinds down off the wall if they are not properly anchored. Keep the string tied in a knot and out of reach.

Put Away Choking Hazards

Hair ties, elastic bands, bits of string, pen caps, and sewing supplies are all very enticing for your cat to bat around. While it may seem harmless to let your cat have fun with these items, they are small enough for your cat to swallow and may either cause your cat to choke or cause problems in their intestines. It is best to keep these items out of sight and give your cat real cat toys to play with.

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