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Choosing The Right Toy For Your Dog

Exercise and play are a vital part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle! Not only do toys and play provide an outlet for your pup’s energy, they also provide great mental stimulation for Fido. Play is also a fun way to work on training and forming a bond with your dog! While we are all spending more time in the house these days, toys are a great way to help ensure that your pup remains entertained.

It is important that your dog plays with a variety of toy types to engage their different types of natural play behaviours. Remember to mix up the shapes and textures of the toys available to keep your pup interested! Bark & Fitz has a wide selection of toys to help you choose what is right for you and your dog!

Interactive toys are great to play fetch or tug! Build a bond with your pup through play!

Enrichment toys provide awesome mental stimulation for Fido as he uses problem solving skills to play! They can also be a great resource to help distract an anxious dog.

Sturdy chew toys are helpful for teething puppies or as a training resource for Fido to learn what is appropriate to chew on!

Plush toys can be a great comfort for an anxious dog!

It is important to inspect your dog’s toys regularly to make sure they are in good condition and safe for your dog to keep playing with. Your pet should never ingest stuffing, plastic or other harmful materials. Always read a toy’s packaging before use. Supervision is recommended for any toy a dog is playing with.

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