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Dental Do’s and Don’ts

Dental disease is very common, occurring in approximately 80% of pets. Oral health can be affected by many different factors, but a common culprit is the build-up of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth. Help Fido maintain a happy, healthy mouth by making some easy changes in his daily routine!

DO Brush Regularly

Keep those canines clean! Try brushing your pet’s teeth at least four times a week to help promote good dental health. Start introducing regular brushing into Fido’s routine with patience and praise, and you’ll be pro’s in no time!

DO Set Your Pet Up For Success

Certain chew toys and treats can help promote good dental health in your pet by helping to reduce plaque and tartar build up on their teeth!

Remember - your pet’s teeth are no stronger than your own, but their jaw strength and chewing instinct is! A good rule of thumb to help protect Fido’s teeth is to never offer a bone or chew toy that you think would be too hard for you to bite down on.

DO Feed Tooth-Friendly Foods!

Crunchy kibble and treats may help to better remove plaque and tartar buildup compared to soft, canned foods. Remember, crunchy foods are only part of a healthy mouth routine and you should always check with your vet before making major changes in your pet’s diet!

DON’T Hesitate to Call Your Vet If You Are Concerned

Your pet can’t tell you when something hurts. If you notice a change in appetite or breath, excessive drooling, inflammation, or missing or damaged teeth, a vet appointment may be required to help prevent further issues.

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