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Different Breeds Have Different Needs!

Use our handy reference sheet to find your dog’s coat type and what tools you’ll need to get your grooming done right!

Short-Haired or Smooth-Coated

Short-haired and smooth-coated breeds have short hair that lays close to the body.


Long-haired dogs require regular coat maintenance to help prevent tangles and matting.


Wire-haired breeds may require professional hand stripping. You can help prevent matting with regular use of a slicker brush and/or comb.


Double-coated breeds have two layers of fur, an outer coat and an undercoat, which help to protect and regulate their temperature in both hot and cold weather. With regular use, the FURminator deShedding tool can help reduce shedding up to 90%! Teeth reach through topcoat to help remove loose hair and undercoat.


Keep curly coats under control in between professional grooms with regular brushing with a slicker brush. This type of brush works with all coat types. It has a flat or curved head with rows of thin wire pins, which remove loose fur and help detangle.

Tools for all breeds

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