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How to Choose a Dog Coat

Why Buy My Dog a Coat?

Are you buying your dog a coat for function or fashion? Many “fashionable” coats are made

to serve the purpose of making your dog look cute. Because of this, they do not always offer complete coverage or features to keep them secure as your dog runs and plays. If you are looking for a functional coat, look for a coat that has ample coverage, adjustable straps, and includes important features like breathability and water resistance.

What Will My Dog Be Doing In Their Coat?

If your dog is going on a leisurely walk, they will feel much colder than they would feel running around at a dog park in the same temperature. Consider buying your dog a few coats in different weights so they have a coat that suits the weather and planned activities for any given day.

What Season Am I Buying A Coat For?

Canada experiences a wide range of temperatures and it is important to remember this when shopping for coats. As all dog owners know, dog walks don’t stop in rain or snow storms!

So, you will need a variety of coats that suit all the wonderful weather Canada has to offer.

Does My Dog Typically Feel Hot or Cold?

Whether it feels hot or cold is a very subjective matter. Some people may feel comfortable

in 20 degree weather, while others may think that feels cold. If you notice your dog shivering

in a temperature that does not seem very cold to you, or vice versa, take this into consideration while coat shopping.

If you are still having trouble narrowing down what to include in your dog’s wardrobe,

the knowledgeable staff at Bark & Fitz would be happy to help!

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