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Feeding the Most Popular House Pet; The Cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats are now considered the world’s most popular pet and we think they should be treated as such! These desirable house pets can often be quite picky and have special dietary requirements. Just because cats can’t roar and lions can’t purr, doesn’t mean these two felines aren’t related. One of the main reasons for the domestic house cat needing special nutritional requirements stems from the fact that cats have evolved from their very carnivorous ancestors. In order for a cat to live a long and healthy life, they do require a handful of different key nutrients that can only be found in meat. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have a requirement for nutrients naturally found in meat. They require some protein, taurine, arginine, vitamins and arachidonic acid which they can only get from their food.

When selecting food options for your cat, you need to consider a handful of different things, such as age, activity level and their environment. It is important for your cat’s overall health that they stay active, so they are not gaining too much weight from their food. If you notice your cat is gaining weight, try to play with them more often to help them shed a few extra pounds. Try using

interactive cat toys to encourage your cat to play. If your cat is always sleeping, cuddling, or gazing out the window, they likely aren’t burning the amount of calories they are eating each day. Jumping, running, and pouncing on toys as you play with them will help balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn. Remember, cats do not like change in their environment, which includes what they are being fed. If you are considering or need to change your cat’s diet for any reason, make this transition slowly so you limit the chances of your cat going on a hunger strike. Other things to consider are how and where you feed your kitty. They will prefer to eat in a quieter and secluded space where they won’t be disturbed. If you notice any changes in your cat’s appetite make sure to consult your veterinarian immediately, as this could be a sign of many different health concerns.

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