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Fireworks & Fido

Fireworks are a favourite part of the May long weekend for many people. Whether it’s an impressive display put on by your community, or a few fireworks set off by you and your neighbours in a local park, the bright colourful lights that fill us with wonder often fill our dogs and cats with fear and anxiety. While you know that you are safe, pets do not understand what is happening when fireworks start going off. Here are some helpful tips to make this coming long weekend fun for the whole family:

1. Keep them Home

Stay with your pet in an indoor, familiar environment rather than bringing them outdoors to watch the display. Often, the lights and loud sounds frighten dogs enough that even the most loyal dog might run away. Feed and walk dogs earlier than usual to avoid needing to let them out once the fireworks begin. Bring outdoor cats in early for the night.

2. Have a place that your pet can hide

Whether it is inside a crate, beneath the bed, or under a blanket, your pet will appreciate having a quieter place to go. Keep windows closed to reduce the sounds as much as possible. Shut the blinds and turn the lights on to minimize flashes of light.

3. Provide a Distraction

Play an indoor game with your pet, give them a bath, or do something else your pet enjoys to distract them from what is happening outside.

4. Stay Calm

It’s important to remember that pets feed off our own behaviour. Stay calm and send the message to your pet that fireworks are nothing to get worked up about.

5. Use Calming Treatments

For pets that typically have high levels of anxiety, a calming supplement or wearable may be necessary. If choosing a supplement, talk to your veterinarian beforehand to make sure you choose the right one for your pet.

Don’t Stress! Visit Bark & Fitz for a variety of supplements and wearables that help calm anxious pets.

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