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Fun Facts About Senior Dogs

1. You CAN Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

When training an old dog, the key to success is patience. Your old dog may have years of bad habits or alternative behaviours built up that you’ll need to slowly work to correct. Try using lots of praise and high-quality treats to help with the process.

Wrap your pooch in Thermal Therapy to help loosen muscles and increase circulation!

2. A Dog is Considered “Senior” After They Turn Seven

While seven may seem young to some, it actually classifies a dog as senior in the eyes of most canine experts. At seven, some pets may not even look that old. Feeding the appropriate diet for your pets needs and condition can help maintain weight and improve their quality of life as senior diets are specially formulated and easier for them to digest.

3. Preventative Care Can Help Your Senior Pet Thrive

Skin & Coat: As your pet ages their skin and coat can become dull and dry, reach for a supplement that includes omega fatty acids to help restore the shine.

Mobility: Getting up and down the stairs or on and off the couch can be troublesome for older pets. Adding in a supplement to help with mobility can help improve joint, cartilage and bone health.

Digestion: Prebiotics & Probiotics can be used to naturally help maintain digestive health, which helps with better absorption of nutrients, which ensures your pet gets the most out of their diet.

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