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Fun in the Sun!

Take advantage of Canada’s beautiful landscape this summer and spend some time outside with your dog! Whether you are going hiking, camping or cottaging, spending time exploring the outdoors is a great way to bond with Fido. Get ready for your trip with Bark & Fitz's tips for making the most of fun in the sun with your furry friend!

Choose the right leash to use while you and your pup are out exploring! A waterproof leash is perfect for the beach or cottage, while a hands-free leash is a great option for a longer hike! If you are hiking in a location that prohibits off-leash dogs, a long lead will allow Fido to be able to explore freely while not breaking any rules.

When you are driving to the campground or cottage, it is important to ensure that Fido remains calm in the car. If your dog suffers from travel anxiety or motion sickness, you may want to consider some natural remedies to help with the symptoms. Make sure you plan ahead for washroom and water breaks to ensure that your dog has a great time on the road trip!

While on the road, your dog should be secured in the back of the vehicle, away from the driver to help reduce the risk of distracted driving. There is a wide variety of options for your dog to travel in, including their crate, a back-seat hammock or barrier, or a harness to secure to a seat belt. Choose which ever is most suitable and comfortable for your dog!

Spending the weekend camping or at the cottage should be a fun getaway for both you and your dog. If Fido isn’t used to sleeping away from home, you will need to be prepared to help him relax! Bringing his crate or bed and packing his favourite toys can help to create a familiar, cozy space for your pup. If your dog is new to camping, consider preparing him for your upcoming adventure by introducing the tent to him ahead of time.

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