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Good Grooming

Good grooming is a vital part of caring for your dog. Proper coat maintenance can help decrease shedding and prevent tangles and potentially painful matting.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and coats that require different grooming techniques! Check out Bark & Fitz’s guide to help you groom your dog according to their unique coat needs.

Short-Haired or Smooth-Coated

Short-haired and smooth-coated breeds have short hair that lays close to the body. Brushing your dog regularly with a soft bristle brush will remove loose hair and distribute natural oils throughout the coat to help promote a healthy skin and coat.


All long-haired dogs require regular coat maintenance to help prevent tangles and matting. Use a pin brush or a comb to gently brush through the coat from the skin to the ends of the hair.

TIP: If you find a mat or a tangle you can’t comb through, try working some dog-safe conditioner into the hair. Avoid using scissors to cut mats out – you’ll risk cutting your dog as their skin can be pulled into the mat if the hair is tight.


Wire-haired breeds have protective, coarse coats are they were originally bred to be working dogs in colder climate. While these breeds do not shed, they do require regular, thorough brushing with a comb or slicker brush to help prevent matting.

TIP: It may be tempting to clip your wire-haired dog. Always consult a professional groomer as clipping will change the texture of the coat.


Curly-coated dogs often shed less than their long-coated peers, but their coats can be difficult to care for. Dirt and debris may get caught in the curls and will remain until brushed or washed out. Use a slicker brush to thoroughly brush out the coat to remove any tangles, mats or debris.

TIP: It may be helpful to have your dog’s coat trimmed by a professional groomer to keep it manageable for you to maintain at home.


Double-coated breeds have two layers of fur, an outer coat and an undercoat, which help to protect and regulate their temperature in both hot and cold weather. These dogs require regular brushing through the undercoat to the skin to protect against matting and help to reduce shedding.


Even hairless dogs require a regular grooming routine! To help maintain healthy skin, use a gentle dog shampoo and regularly apply dog-safe moisturizer to help keep your dog’s skin clean and prevent it from becoming dry and itchy. If the weather is too warm for Fido to wear a sweater, apply a dog-safe sunblock to help protect against sunburn.

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