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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner! Check out Bark & Fitz’s tips to make sure your furry friend has a howling good time this holiday!

Keep an eye on your dog to make sure they are not ingesting any type of food that is hazardous to their health. Chocolate, raisins, and many nuts are very dangerous for your pup to eat and can result in very serious health problems for your dog. Make sure you keep your Halloween candy hauls out of Fido’s reach to avoid an emergency trip to the vet!

Make sure Fido doesn’t get into any potentially dangerous chocolate or candy by providing him his own dog-safe Halloween treats!

Trick or Treat! If your pup is walking house-to-house with your Halloween crew, he will need to be wearing visibility gear to help him be seen in the dark. Visibility vests or reflective leashes are a great choice as they are lightweight and won’t interfere with Fido’s costume.

If you are planning to dress your furry friend up for Halloween, make sure that your pup can breathe and move freely in their costume. Let your dog try on their costume before leaving the house. If Fido is stressed or uncomfortable, you will need to leave the costume at home.

No matter whether your dog is spending Halloween at home or out trick or treating, it is important to keep Fido calm and relaxed throughout all the activity. Make sure your pup is wearing their collar with clear identification tags, just in case he gets spooked by any ghosts or ghouls.

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