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Help Keep Fido Active This Winter

As colder days are upon us it becomes increasingly easy to stay inside and snuggle up with your

furry family members. Though this is okay to do some days, it is important to keep your pet active

both mentally and physically this winter. These tips, tricks and activities will help your pet stay

happy and healthy this winter season.

Go Somewhere Fun!

There are a ton of fun places you can take your dog that are still inside and out of the cold. Many cities have indoor dog parks where you can take your furry friend to play and socialize. If your dog doesn’t do well around dogs of all sizes, look for a place that offers different times for different sized dogs. This is a great alternative to an outdoor dog park and will keep your dog dry, warm and hopefully clean. Another idea is sending your dog to a doggy day care, though it is not the most budget friendly option, even a day or two a week can help. Your dog will most likely spend hours on end playing with other dogs and will come home tired and ready to relax. This is ideal for pet owners who have high energy dogs and not a ton of time to get them out and about to play. The socialization dogs get while at the dog park or doggy day care is important for both their mental and physical well-being. Keep in mind Fido needs to know how to play well with others in order to go to either of these places.

Fun For You and Fido

It isn’t just our pets who need to stay active during the winter months; pet owners do too! Sign up for an agility class with your dog to get you and your pet out of the house and moving around.

This is most ideal for fit, obedient dogs with a lot of energy. Along with it being physically demanding, it also challenges your dog’s mental abilities too, which again is important for their overall well-being. If you are unsure agility is the right fit for you and Fido you can consider an obedience class instead. It is always fun to teach your four-legged friend new tricks and they

will definitely appreciate the treats that will ensue.

Winter Wonderland Fun

When the weather does cooperate try to get outside as much as you can! If your dog will be spending any amount of time outside, make sure they are prepared with the proper gear. Double coated breeds such as Huskies or Shepards often do not need much more than a lightweight and waterproof jacket to keep them warm and dry. On the other hand, dogs with shorter hair will definitely appreciate something insulated for extra warmth. One more thing to consider is a pair

of dog booties to keep snow and ice from balling up between Fido’s toes.

Too Cold to Get Outside?

We get it! Some days it is just too cold to spend extended amounts of time outside, and in fact the extreme cold isn’t safe for you or your pet! On days like these think about fun indoor activities to keep your pup entertained, such as hide-and-seek. Depending on your dog’s willingness to obey a “stay” command you may need to find an assistant to keep your dog still while you hide. Keep your dog in one room or place while you go hide and have them seek you out. This is a great way to exert some extra energy and keeps your dog’s brain sharp, remember always give lots of love and praise after they’ve found you. Other things you can consider doing in the comfort of your own home is setting up fun puzzles for your dog, where they are forced to use their sense of smell to solve something. Think about hiding treats in different areas of your house, or get a treat dispensing toy that they can play with. These things will help to keep your pup occupied if they are cooped

up inside for too long.

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