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Holiday Etiquette

The holidays can sometimes seem overwhelming for both you and your pet with all the hustle and bustle. To help keep this time of year relaxing, it is important that all of your family members (furry ones included) are on their best behaviour.


Remember, not everyone will love your pets as much as you do. Be mindful if your dog sheds

or slobbers, as dinner guests may not appreciate any additions to their outfit. You may want to consider having a quiet place for Fido and Whiskers to hang out in while guests are over. Or, if Fido is well trained and will lay quietly, place his or her bed close by so they can join in on the festivities. Keep in mind that people may not like being watched by a drooling doggo as they eat, so keeping them away from the dining room table is probably best! This will also give Fido an opportunity for some much needed quiet time. Providing your dog or cat with a cozy place to lie down and toys or chews to keep them busy during dinner will be helpful for them and you.


First and foremost, check and double check with the host to be certain your pet was included

in the invite. Even if your pet has been to the host’s house in the past, they may not want them there during such a busy time of year. Be prepared and aware of places your pet may not be allowed, such as on furniture, upstairs or in bedrooms. If you will be staying overnight make sure you bring

a place for Fido to sleep, like their bed or a crate. They will most likely be more comfortable in their “safe place” to sleep while they are in a new environment.

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