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Is Your Tabby Looking Tubby?

While long naps and lots of snacks might sound like a great life, it can often lead to weight gain causing health challenges for your feline. Here are some ways to help keep your kitty at a healthy weight:

1. Control The Amount of Food Your Cat Eats

Many people free feed their cats, allowing them to eat as much as they want all day long. The lack of control makes it extremely easy for cats to over-eat and more than likely they will consume far more calories than they will burn in a day. Measure your cat’s food and serve only the daily recommended amount based on your cat’s age and lifestyle.

2. Control What Food Your Cat Eats

Cats are carnivores - they need to be fed a meat based diet so they can properly digest what they are eating. The protein and fat content in your cat’s diet should be much higher than the amount of carbohydrates. Canned and raw foods, as well as kibbles with a low grain content, are all good options for your cat’s diet.

3. Play With Your Cat

Use interactive cat toys to encourage your cat to play. If your cat is always sleeping, cuddling, or gazing out the window, they likely aren’t burning the amount of calories they are eating each day. Jumping, running, and pouncing on toys as you play with them will help balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn.

4. Create a Playful Environment

Cats are curious creatures that will play on their own if given the tools! While it is normal for cats to sleep a lot, your cat may sleep excessively if they are bored with their environment. Cat towers, scratching posts, or even a second cat for your cat to play with will all help to keep kitty active

and entertained.

If your cat is excessively overweight, talk to your vet to make sure they are not suffering from more serious health problems. Your vet can also recommend a weight loss plan specific to your cat’s needs. At Bark & Fitz we offer only the best pet food including Horizon, Fromm, Wellness, Petcurean, Orijen, Acana, Weruva, Best Friend Feline, Cats in the Kitchen and Open Farm.

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