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Keep Your Hound Happy This Hallowe'en

Hallowe’en is the spookiest night of the year! Whether throwing a party, heading out trick or treating, or staying home to hand out candy, be sure the only scares come from spooky décor and costumes this year. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet happy and safe this Hallowe’en.


While you might think your pet will look adorable all dressed up, they might not agree with you!

If your pet is showing signs of distress in their costume, it is best to take the costume off. For these pets, be sure that their costume is meant to be worn by animals, fits well and is unrestricting. Remember to not leave your pet unattended while dressed up.

Guests & Distress

Having strangers show up at your door repeatedly can be stressful for pets – even more so when the strangers are wearing scary disguises! A calming supplement or wearable may be a good

idea if your pet is particularly stressed by strangers. Ensure your pet is wearing their identification

and a light-up collar accessory in case they slip out the door while a guest comes in or out.

If possible, keep your pets in a separate room away from the front door.

Trick or Treating

Light-up accessories help improve visibility for you and your pet while trick or treating in your neighbourhood. Bonus: Use them any time of the year for enhanced visibility during night time walks and adventures!

No Paws in the Candy Bowl!

Whether it is the candy you are giving out, or the treats you have brought home from a successful night of trick or treating, remember to keep it out of your pet’s reach. Aside from some ingredients being toxic to pets, small candies and their wrappers pose a choking hazard and can cause intestinal upset.

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