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Maintaining Your K9's Oral Health

February is Dental Awareness Month! Dental Disease is very common. It occurs in approximately 80% of pets over the age of three and can be caused by many different reasons. The most common reason is due to the build-up of plaque and tartar on your pet's teeth. The plaque can then harden onto the tooth and cause irritated and inflamed gums. Help keep Fido happy, healthy and chewing by following a few easy steps.


Your dog's diet plays a large role in their dental and overall health. Some diets contain ingredients that help promote dental health by helping to remove and prevent tartar build-up. Some fibre structures such as raw bones and larger, crunchy kibble can help to remove plaque. If you're not sure whether your pet's diet is helping with their dental health, ask your vet for possible solutions. They may suggest adding raw bones or dentals treats to your pet's diet.


There are several toys that are specifically designed to help keep your pet's teeth clean. Toys that encourage chewing and have edges or holes will help scrub away plaque. Be cautious of toys made from abrasive materials that can wear down the enamel and expose the sensitive nerve ending in your pet's teeth.


You can perform basic dental exams on your pet at home. Starting this routine at an early age will help in the long run. The more comfortable your dog is with you taking a look at their chompers, the easier time you and your vet will have keeping them clean. You can also give your dog's mouth a quick clean with toothbrushes and toothpaste designed with your K9's canines in mind.

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