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New Year, New Ruff'olutions!

New year, new resolutions! Are you making a goal to help your pet get into better shape this year? We’re sharing our tips to help your pet live a healthier lifestyle with a diet that better suits their unique needs!

Feeding Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Choose a good quality food, your pet’s health will thank you.

  2. Know your pet’s ideal weight and feed the amount indicated on the bag.

  3. Everything in moderation, especially treats!

  4. Balance your pet’s diet with plenty of playtime and exercise!

  5. Check in with your vet regularly to help keep Fido happy and healthy!

Meal Planning and Meeting Nutritional Requirements

Did you know that Fido has a recommended daily caloric intake that is specific to their unique needs in maintaining a healthy body weight? As a pet owner, interpreting the label on pet food and applying it to your own dog can be a daunting task. Check out our guide to understanding

the important information a pet food label shares:

In addition to your pet’s daily diet, you’ll need to factor in how many calories they may be consuming in treats and any little ‘extras’ they may be getting throughout the day.

Let’s talk treats

We all like to give our pets some extra special treats throughout the week. Make sure the treat size is appropriate for your pet and to help balance any extra snacks with playtime and exercise.

TIP: Try choosing a lower calorie treat option for guilt-free snacking!

Meeting Your Pet’s Unique Needs

Most pet foods have a specific age range listed on the bag indicating, puppy, adult and senior diets. When choosing a food for your pet be sure to factor in the right formula for the stage of life your pet is in.

Remember, specific breeds also have specific needs! It’s important to carefully read the label on the bag when choosing a food, it will include the info you’ll need to make a more informed decision for your pet.

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