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New Year’s Ruff-olutions!

The new year has arrived and it’s time to set some goals for this year! Check out Bark & Fitz’s tips to help you and your dog start 2021 off right!

1. Eat Smart!

Bounce back after indulging over the holidays! Whether your dog needs to lose some pounds, build some muscle or maintain their healthy weight, promoting healthy eating is a great year-round goal! Remember to check in with your vet before making major changes in your dog’s diet!

2. Get Moving!

A tired dog is a happy dog! An easy (and fun) way to increase your dog’s activity level is to incorporate more playtime into their daily routine! Try out some new Fetch or Tug toys to get Fido moving!

3. Be Proactive!

Schedule a check-up with your vet. It is important to see your veterinarian at least once a year to help keep your pet healthy and happy!

4. Who Are You?

A small way to have a big impact on your pet’s safety! Keeping an identification tag on Fido’s collar or having your dog microchipped makes a big difference in an emergency. If you’ve moved recently or changed your phone number, updating your dog’s ID tag should be on the top of your list this January!

5. Clean Up Time!

a. It is important to regularly inspect your dog’s toys to make sure they remain in safe condition! Well-loved toys wear out over time and often become bacteria infested or a choking hazard as stuffing, threads or small parts come loose. Check out some fun replacement toys!

6. Brush It Out!

Giving Fido a regular brush out at home has so many benefits! Not only does this help maintain your dog’s groom longer but it also helps reduce shedding, promote a shiny and healthy coat, and is a great way to bond with your dog!

7. Hygge Hound

Hygge is a Scandanavian word for a sense of coziness and contentment. Share this sensibility with your pup by making sure Fido has their own safe spot to go and relax in your home!

8. Make Time for Friends!

Creating time for your dog to play and socialize with other dogs is so important for their mental health. Take some time out of your busy week for you and Fido to relax and catch up with friends!

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