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Puppy Power!

Have you been thinking about getting a puppy, or maybe you’ve already brought a new furry friend home? Bark & Fitz has everything you need to help you welcome your new puppy into your family!

Growth Spurt!

Your puppy is growing every day and requires a special, calorie-dense diet to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition. The breed and expected size of your puppy will impact their specific nutritional requirements, if you have any questions or concerns about your puppy’s dietary needs, always consult your vet.


To Crate Or Not To Crate?

Crate training is a very valuable tool in raising your puppy! Crating can not only help house train Fido, but it can also help to prevent separation anxiety, as the crate becomes a safe, relaxing space for your dog.


Tough Teethers

Puppies often chew because they are teething or are looking for some mental stimulation. Help your puppy learn what is appropriate to chew on by offering them a toy or chewy treat. Your shoes will thank you!


All By Pup-self

Your puppy may experience some loneliness and separation anxiety as they leave their litter mates and settle into their new home. To help comfort them, try offering them something soft to snuggle with while they’re falling asleep.

TIP: Bring the soft toy along when you go to pick up puppy to help bring some familiar scents home!

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