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Start packing!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s road trip season! Take the stress out of pet travel by planning ahead and packing properly. Check out our must-haves for a great road trip with your pet.


Keep your pet safe with a doggy seatbelt, and while you’re at it, save your seats with a pet approved seat protector.


Who doesn’t like a snack on the road? Keep Fido’s cravings in check while keeping his tummy friendly with some dog friendly snacks.


Don’t forget to hydrate! Bring along a space saving collapsible bowl for your pet.

TIP fill up with water brought from home, pets can be finicky on the road!

Safety 1st

In case of an emergency be sure your pet is properly identified with up to date tags with your most current contact information. Visit your local Bark & Fitz for all your engraving needs.

Don’t forget to pack your pet AND people first aid essentials in your vehicle where they are easily accessible.

New Gear

Want to keep an handle on your pooch while letting him run in the great outdoors? Try hiking with a long line, this 30 foot is great for training or playing in unfenced areas.

Stress Reducers

Pay attention to your dog’s comfort level, if your pet seems stressed try using some natural stress reducing remedies!

Get some sillies out with a round of Chuck It prior to getting on the road, this will help take some of the edge off your dog prior to departure!

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