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Help Shed The Winter Woolies

Spring is just around the corner and your dog is getting ready for warmer outdoor play time! Help keep the tumble weeds of fur flying across your floors to a minimum with a few of these helpful tips and tricks.

Short Hair

Dogs with short hair don’t grow much“extra” hair in the winter. But, you may notice them shedding slightly more in the spring. To help manage this, you can use a rubber mitt or curry comb to help loosen the hair and catch it before it ends up all over your couch.

Single Coated Breeds

Single coated dogs will grow a thicker coat in the winter and will be shedding it come spring. If you want to help keep your dog’s hair from collecting in the corners of your house, you will want to get a slicker brush or shedding blade. Brushing your dog’s coat once a day during shedding season will help to eliminate the loose hair around your home. You can also take your dog to the groomers and they will work away at loosening the winter coat and trim the fur around their paws. Also, a groomer can help combat dry, itchy winte

r skin and get Fido’s coat back to being healthy

and fabulous.

Double Coated Breeds

These breeds of dog have a longer, smooth top coat of hair and grow a thick, warmer

undercoat for the winter and come spring time, they will shed it all out. To help prevent clumps of hair gathering around your house, you will want to help your dog shed out this undercoat. You can do this by using a deshedding tool or grooming rake to help loosen and gather loose hair. You can also spray down the hair with water or a detangler; this will help to brush through the coat and damp hair is easier to clean up.


Dogs that don’t shed are great because it eliminates the constant need to vacuum. But, they do require a lot of upkeep. Their hair doesn’t stop growing and this is not ideal in the warmer and wet months of spring. You will want to take your pup to the groomer as soon as the snow begins to melt so it is easier to keep them clean. Keeping paws and nails trimmed is helpful if you don’t want Fido tracking wet mud into the house after their afternoon walk.

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