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Splish Splash

Is Fido ready to make a splash this month!? Check out Bark & Fitz’s tips to help your dog have the best time in the water this summer!

Suit Up With Water Wear

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water, deck Fido out in a waterproof collar!

Mildew-resistant material is great for breeds who are prone to hotspots.

Don’t forget a lifejacket to give your pet more confidence in the water! Ideal for use during swimming, boating or water sports, a life jacket for Fido is one of our summer adventure essentials!

Floating Fetch Toys

Specially made with unique materials like neoprene, these toys are ideal for water sports!

PRO TIP: Reach for a toy with a tail to help your pooch grab them easily in the water.

Dock Jumping

Ready to dip a paw into this super fun sport that evolved through friendly cottager competition? Perfect to try just for fun or to compete, the name of the game is how far Fido can jump into the water! Start your training on a shoreline and have your pooch fetch his favourite floaty toy from the water, gradually working up to jumping off a dock.

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