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Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is some people’s favourite time of the year; other people dread the heat and cannot wait for the fall. Pets, on the other hand, cannot tell us how they are feeling when the mercury rises, so it is important to always take precautions to ensure your pet is cool and comfortable. Here are some tips that all pet owners should practice this summer.

Always Have Water Available

Whether at home or on a walk, you should always have plenty of fresh, clean water available for your pet to drink. The hotter the weather, the more important it is for pets to stay hydrated.

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Shield Them from the Sun

The sun’s harmful rays aren’t just dangerous to people! Your pet needs to be shielded from UV rays, too. Short and/or fair coated pets are particularly at risk as the sun can more easily reach their skin and lead to sun burn. Consider a pet-friendly sun screen or sun shirt that blocks UV rays, and minimize time spent in direct sunlight.

Canine Friendly Solis UV Coverup

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Protect Their Paws

Pavement, sidewalks, and sand can get extremely hot in the summer and can burn unprotected paws. Choose grassy areas for your pet to walk and play instead. If your daily walk must be on a sidewalk or pavement, lightweight boots will help protect paws.

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Groom them regularly

Dogs’ coats are designed to help them regulate their body temperature, but they can only do so if they are regularly groomed. Matts and knots can trap heat and lead to overheating. Brush your dog at home at least once per week and make sure you adhere to your dog’s professional grooming schedule. Depending on the type of breed your dog is, they may benefit from a shorter coat in the summer. Always ask your groomer before shaving or shortening your dog’s coat, as it can do more harm than good on double coated breeds.

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Air Condition your Home and Car

Temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius can be too hot for pets to handle, especially over long periods of time. Be kind to your dog and keep your home and car at a cool, comfortable temperature. Be sure to prepare for power outages and broken air conditioners by having a cooling mat handy.

Shedrow K9 Cooling Mat

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Never Leave a Pet in a Car

Even in the shade with the windows down, cars can quickly reach fatal temperatures on warm days. Remember, if you cannot bring your pet inside when you leave your car, your per is best left at your air-conditioned home. Pets are always welcome inside Bark & Fitz stores provided they are on a leash. If you see a dog, or any pet, left unattended in a car this summer, call your local SPCA, Humane Society, or police right away.

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