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Stay Visible this September

Dog wearing reflective vest and collar outdoors
Ginger is wearing the Shedrow K9 Viking Vest and the Shedrow K9 Redwood Centre Ring Collar in Russet.

As summer comes to an end, so do the long nights we’ve gotten used to in the past few months. You may have already noticed the sun going down earlier and earlier on your evening walks with your pet! This time of year also marks the start of hunting season in many regions across Canada. With these factors in mind, it is important to think about enhancing you and your pet’s visibility when spending time outdoors. Here are a few tips:

Nighttime Visibility

Once the sun goes down, it is harder for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to see you and your pet from a distance. Light-up and reflective accessories are the best way to help ensure you and your pet are visible at dusk, dawn, and nighttime. It is also more likely that you will encounter other animals on evening walks, like raccoons, possums and other dogs. Carrying a flash light will help make it easy for you to see these animals and potential hazards that are difficult to spot in the dark.

Hunting Season Visibility

Even though you and your pet may be at a public park or hiking trail, there may be private property or designated hunting areas nearby. Consider adding a bell to your pet’s collar to clearly distinguish your pet from a wild animal. Should your pet run off, the bell will help hunters recognize that it is a dog - not a deer - that is running through the trees. Vibrant and reflective collars and coats are a sure way to keep your pet visible. Since bright yellows, oranges and reflective colours are not found in nature, they will help your pet (and you) stand out. If you will be spending time in these areas after dark, consider the same tips mentioned for nighttime walks in your neighbourhood.

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