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Summer Solstice is in June!

This means that we get to experience the longest day of the year and enjoy even more daylight hours!

Try Something New!

Paddle boarding - This fun new sport is great exercise. Level up and increase the difficulty level by bringing Fido along for the ride! Safety first - Don’t forget life jackets for you and your pooch!

Agility - Break out of your comfort zone! Try some new obstacles at the park with your pooch, include flights of stairs in your daily walks. Don’t forget to rest and recover after your workout!

Hiking new trails - Hit the road with your pooch and discover some new trails in your area. Pack travel-sized flea and tick spray for use on your pet and always make sure to do a thorough tick check post-hike.

Puppy picnic - Pack a picnic lunch for you and Fido with all the yummy snacks for both of you!

These summer days are perfect for extra hang time with your pets, make the most of this perfect weather even after the sun sets. Need ideas?

Sunset strolls - Hit your favourite spot just as the sun is setting and take in those views as the sun sets over the horizon.Clip on a reflective leash for added visibility in the dark.

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