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Tiny Tick, Big Problem!

Summer is in full swing and this means tons of outdoor playtime for you and your pets! Spending more time outdoors in the warmer temperatures means your dog or cat is more susceptible to contracting ticks. Just the thought of your animal coming indoors with a tick is enough to make you cringe. So, here are a handful of things you can do to help limit the risk of contracting a tick and if worst comes to worst, how to remove them.

Maintain Your Yard

Ticks cannot tolerate the heat and love to live in cool, damp places such as the edges of your grass

and wooded areas. Keeping your hedges trimmed, grass mowed and removing piles of brush will help eliminate the likelihood of ticks living in your yard. This will also help to keep mice away, which is one animal ticks love to snack on.

Check your pet

Check your pet for ticks every day, especially if you have been out for a walk in any area with tall grass or in a wooded area. Like previously mentioned, ticks like moisture, so they are most likely to be found on areas of your pet that hold moisture, such as their groin, between their toes and under their tail or collar. Ticks are typically large enough to feel, so as you run your hands over your pet, be aware of any unexpected bumps.

Preventative Treatment

Ticks can be harmful to your pets and carry various types of diseases such as Lyme disease.

In order to help keep your pet safe, you should consult your veterinarian for different types of preventative treatment. Remember, many cats and dogs can be sensitive to different chemicals so

it is important to consult your vet before treating your pet. Another great way to keep ticks at bay is by visiting your groomer regularly. Not only will your groomer remove any ticks your pup may

have picked up, they will wash and detangle matted hair which will help to keep ticks away.

Removing a Tick

If worst comes to worst and you notice your furry friend has a tick, it needs to be removed ASAP.

There are different types of tools you can purchase to help remove ticks. The O’Tom Tick Hook is designed for safe and reliable tick removal. The kit comes with two sized hooks for ticks of every size. Begin removal of a tick by selecting the most suitable hook according to the size of the tick. Then approach the tick from the side until it is held within the hook. Lastly, lift the hook very lightly and begin to turn it. The tick should detach itself after 2 or 3 rotations. The use of the O’Tom Tick Hook should prevent the mouth of the tick breaking off. If the mouth does break off and you are unable to remove it, allow the bite to heal. Keep a careful eye on the bite site for any signs of infection. Be sure to clean the area with a disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol. If you do

not feel comfortable removing the tick to yourself, you can bring your cat or dog to the groomers

or vet and they will be happy to help!

If managed and taken care of properly, ticks aren’t as much of a problem as they may seem to be.

Be aware and take precautions to help keep these pests from putting a damper on your summer!

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