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Tips For A Joyful Holiday Season!

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for your pet! Holiday parties, a change in routine and festive decorations can all set off alarm bells for your pet. Check out our tips to get ahead of the holiday hustle and help your pet enjoy all the season has to offer!

Get your pet ready for holiday photo ops and lots of extra snuggles with bath time at home or a trip to the groomers!

Make sure your pet has a safe place to go to when you have visitors in the home. Whether it’s their crate, their bed or a quiet room, its important they have their own space to chill out when your home gets busy.

Does Fido hover when the h’ors d’ourvres are passed around? Try offering him a treat with a long chew time or enrichment toy that dispenses treats as they work at it. You’ll save yourself from those puppy dog eyes watching you devour your dinner

Does your dog insist on being the centre of attention during the most inopportune moments? Keep your pet busy and engaged with a new toy, this will give them their own present to play with while you open yours!

Don’t forget to try to make time for your pet over the busy weeks. Get outside for a snowy walk or some frosty fetching fun!

Happy Howlidays!

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