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Top Ten Summer Safety Tips

The warm weather is here and we are so excited! Check out our tips to help Fido make the most of the season!


Cats and dogs can’t sweat to help cool themselves down like humans do! Be on the lookout for signs that your pet is overheating! These can include: heavy panting, dry or bright red gums, thick drool, vomiting, diarrhea or wobbly legs.


Fresh drinking water, shade and a spot to cool down should always be available to your pet to help prevent heat stroke.


Never ever leave your pet in a car! Parking in the shade and leaving the windows open is not an option. Even if you are just running a quick errand, a warm day can cause a car’s temperature to rise to over 50 Celsius. Your dog will overheat in a very short period of time, and it takes only minutes for the situation to become dangerous.

TIP: Your dog is always welcome to accompany you inside a Bark & Fitz store!


While we all love a summer drive with the windows down, Fido should never be allowed to hang out of the window of a moving car. Flying debris could seriously injure your dog or they could fall out of the vehicle if you make a sudden stop.

TIP: Try add a seat belt clip into your road trip routine to help keep Fido secured!


It’s gardening season! While your plants love them, many lawn and garden products may be hazardous to your pet’s health. Make sure that your products are out of Fido’s reach, and keep safety in mind when out on your walks.


Not all dogs love to doggy-paddle! Never force your dog into the water if they are frightened.

TIP: If Fido will be going swimming or boating, try a life vest in a bright colour to help offer added security!


Even with a full fur coat, your pet CAN get sunburned! Hairless dogs and pets with white or light coloured fur are more likely to burn, so make sure to apply pet-safe sunscreen before enjoying the sunshine.


Watch those paws! Spending too much time on hot pavement can burn your pet’s sensitive paw pads and cause them to overheat.


Have your pet checked for heartworm disease, which is more commonly seen in warmer weather. Remember, heartworm can affect cats too!


Check your pet daily as fleas and ticks are often most active during the warm summer months.

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