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What's In Your Dog's Toy Box?

Most dogs love to play and some are tougher on their toys than others. Making sure you have suitable toys for your dog is important and can help to keep playtime safe and most of all fun!

With a wide selection of toys, Bark & Fitz has something that every dog will be sure to love!

Tough Terriers

If your dog is a get down in the mud, ruff and tuff sort of guy or girl, you want something that will hold up. Some toys are made of much tougher materials such as rubber, which will last your toy chewing dog a little longer. Another great option with some of these rubberized toys is that you

can stuff them with treats or freeze them to keep your pup distracted and busy for longer amounts

of time. This will also help your dog focus on the delicious treat rather than gnawing away at the toy itself. Many of these toys also come in various sizes and are designed with teething puppies

in mind.

Moderate Mutts

Some dogs are big into playtime and get a lot of use out of their toys but are not necessarily chewers. As a pet owner you still want a toy that will last, but isn’t too tough for your dog to play with. A lot of these toys are great for dogs who love to play fetch.

Delicate Doggos

Some dogs prefer to cuddle up on the couch and snuggle with their toys rather than chew and destroy them. These types of toys are also great for more senior dogs that may have more delicate mouths. As a pet owner you should give all of your dog’s toys a good look over to make sure there are no loose strings, or parts of the toy that could turn into a choking hazard. This is especially important with these softer, stuffed toys.

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