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Who's Walking Who?

Did you know that there are some simple and easy ways to getting Fido on your side when it comes to walks:

Leash length: The ideal leash length is 5-6 feet, this length helps allow your dog to explore without leaving too much slack.

Treats: There’s no better way to get your dog’s attention when faced with distractions than a tasty treat. Keep your pockets clean by using a handy treat bag that clips right to your clothes!

Collar: We know choosing the right collar can be a daunting task, keep reading on to learn how to choose the best one for your dog!

Praise: This is the easiest item to add to your toolbox. A little bit of praise goes a long way with our four legged friends.

TIP: The best place to start is with the help of a local dog trainer, these experts really know their stuff!

Collars, Harnesses and Leashes explained

A. Flat Collar (Clip): Most common collar on the market, comes in a variety of colours and patterns, comes with a clip for easy on and off. This collar is ideal for most breeds, comes in a multitude of sizes and is easy for any pet owner to fit their dog.

B. Martingale Collar: Intended for training or walking, this limited slip collar corrects dog in a gentle manner.

C. Flat Collar (Buckle): These collars are usually made of materials like leather that stand the test of time, buckles are usually nickel or brass and can be a bit sturdier than a clip collar.

D. Gentle Leader Head Collar: This training tool reduces pulling while allowing a full range of motion. The Gentle Leader loops around your dog’s nose so when your dog pulls, their head is gently moved towards you where they can refocus their attention. These types of head collars are best used on longer snouted breeds due to the way they fit, ideal for Labs, Goldens, Doodles etc.


Step in Harness: Ideal for smaller dogs where pressure on their small necks can be an issue and patterns and style are a priority!

No Pull Harness: Perfect harness for the dog that likes to lead the pack. Multiple connection points help provide varying needs of control. Adjustable for the perfect fit. Great harness for bigger, bully type breeds that are barrel chested.


E. Slip leash: Great to slip over your dog’s head for a quick outing, Slip leads are unique in that they are designed to tighten under tension and release as soon as the tension is gone.

F. Non-leather leash: For a trendy, more fun look check out some of the non-leather options. Many of these synthetic leashes are waterproof!

G. Shock Absorbing Leash: Yes, it’s true! This leash has been built with a shock absorbing spring to help with especially strong pulling dogs.

H. Long line: Stay safe while training recalls with an extra long leash. You’ll be able to work your dog with the comfort of knowing they are safely at the end of this 30-foot line.

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