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Winter Gear Guide

Temperatures are starting to fall! Autumn is coming to an end, and cold and snowy days will be here soon. Rather than staying cooped up indoors all winter long, there are easy ways to prepare for winter weather and make the time spent outside with your pup enjoyable.

Suit Up For Snow!

As the temperature begins to drop, it is important to slowly introduce your dog to the colder weather and be sure to have the proper apparel for your dog. Depending on your dog’s coat type and activity level, you will want to consider a few different dog coats. For some double coated breeds such as Huskies, Shepards, or Saint Bernards a lightweight, waterproof coat may be all they need. For a dog with a medium length coat, they are most likely comfortable in an in-between coat, which is slightly heavier than a rain coat with minimal fill. Lastly, any short haired dogs such as Chihuahuas or a Boston Terriers are best suited with a heavy, well insulated coat. These coat

options will keep your K9 warm, dry and happy all winter long.

Paw Patrol

Although we use salt, ice melters and antifreeze to keep ourselves safe throughout the winter,

these items can contain chemicals that can be harmful for your pets. Salt used on sidewalks

and roadways cause irritation or blister paws. A pet-friendly ice melter for your front walkway and back patio is a great investment. Since you cannot control what your neighbours and city use on roads and sidewalks, consider purchasing a pair of booties for your dog to wear on their daily walks. In addition to helping shield paws from salt, booties can help prevent ice and snow from getting stuck between your dog’s toes. If your dog is reluctant to wear booties, be sure to thoroughly wipe down his or her paws after their walk and apply a paw balm to help

prevent chapping.

Indoor Indispensables

This time of year can be ruff for pet odours and mess, so with a few tips and tricks, you can keep those dirty, wet paws and smells outside. Stop muddy paws in their tracks by keeping an absorbent mat and/or towel at the door to help keep your floors in pristine condition all winter long. A bottle of pet deodourizer is also handy to keep by the door, as a quick spritz of your favourite scent will help keep your dog smelling fresh between bath times. Another good idea to help keep your pet smelling fresh is switching your dog’s collar and leash to waterproof alternatives. They will not hold moisture, mud and odours the way fabric would. Waterproof collars and leashes are also easy to clean!

If you’re still unsure on how to combat you and your pet’s winter woes, the knowledgeable Groomers and Pet Specialists at Bark and Fitz would be happy to help.

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