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Winter Gear Guide

Winter is coming and, for our Canadian dogs, this means snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures. Check out Bark & Fitz’s Winter Gear Guide to help your pup get outside, no matter the forecast!

Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for Fido!

How your dog handles the wintry weather depends on several factors including breed, age, size and health. Larger breeds with thicker coats and protective undercoats are more likely to thrive in the colder temperatures, while smaller or shorthaired breeds will most likely need an extra layer of warmth.

Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired breeds are often the most susceptible to the cold. Try outfitting your dog in an insulated, waterproof coat to keep them cozy all winter long.


Medium-Length Haired Dogs

Dogs with medium length hair typically benefit from a lighter-weight or ‘in-between’ coat that helps to provide warmth without overheating your pup.


Long-Haired/Double Coated Dogs

No need for insulated coats here, double-coated or long-haired breeds are built for the colder temperatures! Your dog may appreciate a lightweight or waterproof coat during stormy weather.


Winter Walk Essentials!

Although we use salt, antifreeze and other ice melters to help keep ourselves safe throughout the winter, these items often contain ingredients that can be harmful for Fido. Frosty, salted sidewalks can cause irritation, blisters and dry out your dog’s paw pads, leaving his feet sore and cracked. Help protect your pup’s paws with boots to keep Fido rocking through winter.

Icy noses and toes are no fun for Fido! Help relieve your dog’s dry, chapped nose and paws with a soothing balm.

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