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Winter Wellness For Whiskers

Winter wellness is an important conversation for cat owners, despite cats being indoors year-round.

Follow these tips for a worry-free winter with your favourite feline!

Make time for play time

Gone are the days of gazing out the window at the backyard birds or basking in the sunshine

that flows onto the kitchen floor. The lack of sunlight in the winter can contribute to depression, drowsiness and anxiety in cats. The endorphins released when your cat plays can help fight these symptoms. Make sure you have a mixture of toys for both interactive and independent play

and make daily interactive playtime part of your cat’s schedule.

Will letting my cat out help beat their winter blues?

The outdoors is much more unfavourable for cats in the winter than in the summer. Outdoor cats

are known to seek shelter under the hoods of cars in the winter, and common winter chemicals,

like street salt and antifreeze, are extremely harmful for them if ingested. If your cat must go outside, use an appropriate harness and leash and go outside with them.

What if my cat sneaks out?

Take precautions in case your cat slips past you. Your cat should always wear a collar and

identification tags. The collar should be a breakaway collar, so your cat does not become trapped on a bush or a fence. It is a good idea to also have your cat microchipped in case their collar does break away. Ensure your cat is spayed or neutered in the event your winter wanderer encounters other neighbourhood cats or a feral colony. Visit the vet on an annual basis to

keep your cat up to date on all their shots.

Be an ally for outdoor animals

Not all cats will be lucky enough to spend their winter in the comfort of their home! Consider

using a pet-friendly ice melter like Safe Paw instead of regular street salt. Store your antifreeze

with the lid on. Check under the hood and wheel wells for sleeping critters before starting your car.

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