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Your Dog and Food Allergies

Does your dog suffer from dry or itchy skin, tummy issues, excessive paw licking, fur loss, recurring ear infections or vomiting and diarrhea?

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms it is possible that they are allergic to their food.

Just like in humans, allergic reactions aren’t always present right away. Dogs can develop allergies and sensitivities to the ingredients in their food overtime, even after eating the same recipe for weeks, months or years. In other instances, some dogs will show symptoms of a food allergy

or sensitivity within hours or days of eating a new ingredient for the first time.

If your dog is showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, take note of the ingredients in your food and plan a visit to the vet. While these symptoms are commonly linked to allergies and sensitivities, it is possible that they are a sign of something more serious.

Steps to Take if You Suspect Your Dog Has Food Allergies

Visit Your Vet

Rule out other possible causes of your dog’s symptoms to be sure they are caused

by a food allergy or sensitivity.

Process of Elimination

After you have ruled out the possibility of other health ailments, begin to eliminate certain ingredients from your dog’s diet. It is often recommended to feed a food with a novel protein.

Novel proteins are animal proteins that are not commonly found in dog food such as venison,

duck, kangaroo or rabbit. If your dog’s allergy symptoms clear up after switching to a novel

protein diet, you can be fairly certain that they were allergic or had a sensitivity to whatever

other protein was in their old food. Be aware that allergy symptoms can take weeks to clear up,

so try not to get frustrated if you don’t see any immediate improvements.

No Treats

During the process of elimination, you shouldn’t feed your dog treats of any kind, unless

they contain the same ingredients as your dog’s current food. You could completely interrupt

the process and cause an adverse reaction if you aren’t sure of the ingredients in the treats!

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