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Store Management

- Excellent Compensation Package and Generous Signing Bonus

- Employee Discounts

At Bark & Fitz, we are extremely passionate about dogs and cats. We provide premium food, toys, treats, accessories and grooming services to people who love their pets as much as we do.

We are looking for a dedicated, full time, goal-oriented leader who is as passionate about pets and customer service as we are. The ideal candidate will have 2+ years of management experience in the pet industry, be self-motivated and able to manage a team of sales associates and groomers. The ideal candidate will have

- At least 2 years’ management experience in the pet industry

- A strong work ethic

- A firm grasp on sales techniques, time management and attention to detail

- Great communication & customer service skills

- The ability to motivate a team

Your responsibilities will include:

- Maintaining the store’s reputation with our customers and the community

- Team management – relationship building and ensuring your team maintains operational standards/procedures

- Administrative duties – hiring, scheduling, training, task assignment, payroll, order placements and receiving

- Working with Head Office to promote the store through social media, in-store and offsite events.  

- Working the POS system

- Maintaining the accuracy of the store’s inventory levels

- Maintaining the cleanliness of the store

- Receiving and putting away shipments

- Coordinating ongoing training with your food vendor reps

- Organizing grooming appointments as well as appointment reminders by phone

- Ability to lift and move up to 50lbs

Please submit your resume in confidence to

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